Jump And Land On A Roof In Erangel Or Livik 5 Times

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Jump And Land On A Roof, New Royalpass ACE 1 Mission

So Guys We Are Coming With One More article, Which Is About New RP Mission. Do You Know, Today New Royalpass ACE 1 Is Comed In PUBG/BGMI. In This New ACE 1 Royalpass, There Are Many Types Of Rewards. If You Get All Types Of This Rewards, You Just Need To Do RP Missions. That’s Why In Today’s Article I Am Going To Tell You About A RP Mission. And I Will Also Tell You How You Can Completed This Mission Easily. And Guys The Name Of The Mission I’m Going To Tell You About Is “Jump And Land On A Roof In Erangel Or Livik 5 Times”. If Your Mission Is Completed By My Tips & Tricks, So you must follow me.

Jump And Land On A Roof In Erangel Or Livik 5 Times

In Which Map ?

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First Of All, Erangel Or Livik Is Written In The Mission, So You Can Do This Mission In Only Erangel or Livik Map Which Are Available In Classic Mode. In The Map Option, You Will See Various Maps In Ranked, Such As Erangel, Erangel (Dinoground Mode), Livik, Livik(Dinoground Mode), Nusa, Vikendi, Sanhok, Karakin And Miramar. But You Can Start Your Game In Only Erangel & Livik. And You Will See Various Maps In Unranked Also, Such As Erangel, Livik, Livik Aftermath, Nusa & Random Maps. And This Random Maps Has Erangel, Miramar, Livik, Sanhok, Karakin, Nusa & Vikendi. Even Then, You Can Start Your Game In Only Erangel & Livik.

Jump And Land On A Roof In Erangel Or Livik 5 Times

Mission Complete In 5 Games

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Now I Will Tell You About How To Complete This Mission. 1st Of All Guys, I Just Tell You One Thing. This Mission Cannot Be Done In 1 Game. You Just Have To Play 5 Games For This Mission. If You Want To Do That Mission Easily, Then You Play In The Livik Map That Is In The Unranked. Because Your Rank Is Not Deduct In The Unranked. Even If You Die immediately After Landing, There Will Be No Any Problem In Your Rank. After Selecting The Livik Map In Unranked. Then After You Want To Start The Game. After Starting The Game In Livik Map, You All Know The Blue Zone Is Already Appeared.

Mission Complete Easily

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Jump And Land On A Roof In Erangel Or Livik 5 Times

So Friends, You Have To Look For A Location Which Is Close To The Blue Zone. After That When Your Location Is Near The Plane Path, Then You Have To Jump, By Clicking On Jump Button. After That You Just Have To Land On Any Roof Of The Building Carefully. when You Land On Top Of The Building, Your Mission Will Be Counted 1 Time. In This Way You Have To Do 5 Times. When You Land Successful On The Roof, Then After You Just Go Outside Of Blue Zone, So You Killed By Bluzone Immediately. And In This Way Your Mission Will Be Completed In Some Times.

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Now Let Me Tell You Some Locations, Where You Can Land Easily. Whichever Location I Will Tell You At That Location You Will Find A Lot Of Houses & Buildings Such As A Midstein, Blomster, Power Plant, Hold Hush, Ice Berg. You Just Have To Remember That You Have To Land On The Top Of The Building 5 Times.

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So Friends, In Today’s Article, I Have Told The ” Jump And Land On A Roof In Erangel Or Livik 5 Times” RP Mission In PUBG/BGMI. But Still If You Want To Watch The Video In Detail About This RP Mission? Then You Can Watch This Video Which Are Available In Hindi Language. And Friends If This Article Is Helpful For You, Then You Can Follow Us. Thank You.

Jump And Land On A Roof Mission, Easily Video Watch Now


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