How To Complete ‘Dinosaur Master’ Achievement In PUBG/BGMI

Hello PUBG/BGMI Lovers, How are you all ?? I hope you all are doing well. And welcome to all of you on my article. And i hope you all are playing PUBG/BGMI with all your heart. So Guys 2.6 version update has come in PUBG/BGMI. And with that a lot of new things have been added in PUBG/BGMI. And with that a New Achievement has also been added, which name is “Dinosaur Master”.

‘Dinosaur Master’ Achievement Explain

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So Friends, What you have to do in Dinosaur Achievement, I am going to tell you in this article. So guys in this achievement, you have to complete 3 missions. If you complete these 3 missions, you will get 20 achievement points & 2 classic crates.Now let me tell you what are these 3 missions? The 1st mission is Ride a Pterosaur 1 time. 2nd mission is Ride a Velociraptor 1 time And 3rd mission is Ride a T-Rex 1 time. And Now let me tell you How To Complete this 3 missions.

Ride A Pterosaur 1 Time

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How To Complete dinosaur Master Achievement

So Guys our 1st mission is to ride Pterosaur, for this mission you just open map which is available in down side of left corner in your lobby. After going in map, you need to select 1st map which is Dinoground Mode erangel. And this mode is available in ranked. You can complete this mission in solo, duo or squad. After selecting dinoground mode, you just start the game. After starting the game, you have to open the map. In this map you can see green colored location which is called primal zone location. You have to go on that primal zone location. You can see flying creatures on that location. And this flying creatures name is Pterosaur. You just have to kill that Pterosaur. After killing them, Pterosaur becomes you vehicle. And after that you can travel with this Pterosaur. And once you are traveling with it. Your 1st mission is completed, which is ride a pterosaur 1 time.

Ride A Velociraptor 1 Time

How To Complete dinosaur Master Achievement

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In the green colored Primal Zone Location there are 2 types of creature, 1st is Pterosaur and other one is Velociraptor. Velociraptor is looking like dinosaur Kid. 1st You Have To Kill Him. As soon as he dies, after that an option will come to him, by clicking on which you will be able to make velociraptor to your vehicle. Then after you can travel with Velociraptor vehicle. And this is very enjoyable. And once you are traveling with it. Your 2nd mission is completed, which is ride a Velociraptor 1 time.

Ride A T-Rex 1 Time

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How To Complete dinosaur Master Achievement

In Dinoground Mode, you will see dino settlement location. There are 3 dino settlement location In the dinoground mode in erangel. After Some time, a timing will start at any one of these 3 locations. And T-Rex will be activated at the same location. After that, you just have to go that timing location. After reaching that location, you have to go to the center of the location. When you will see a gate in the center of that location. On which there will be 3 balloons. You have to destroy that balloon. After destroying the balloon, T-Rex will emerge from it by breaking the gate. T-Rex is one type of vehicle. You can drive it. Once you are traveling with T-Rex vehicle, your 3rd mission is completed, which is ride a T-Rex 1 time.

So guys, in this article, I have told you about how to complete dinosaur master achievement. But still if you want to see the video in detail about this topic ? then you can see this video which are given below and this is available in Hindi language. And friends if this article is helpful for you, then you can Follow Us. Thank You so much for visiting.

How To Complete Dinosaur Master achievement In PUBG | 20 Achievement Points & 2 Classic Crates — Video Watch Now 👇


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