Give 24 LIKEs To Teammates

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So guys, today we have come with another mission. This Mission name is “ [ELITE] Give 24 Likes To Teammates “. If you complete this mission then you can get 100 RP Points. This mission seems hard to see, but if you are completing this mission with my tips and tricks, then the mission will be very easy for you. By Completing this mission You Can fastly increase your rp ranks & Get Different Types of RP rewards from royalpass.

What Is ELITE Mission In PUBG/BGMI

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Give 24 LIKEs To Teammates

So guys you can see in the above image, in which the name of the mission is written. But in here front of the mission it is written ” ELITE “. So first of all i will explain the meaning of ” ELITE “. If you do the mission in which elite is written, then your mission will be shown complete. But you will be able to collect it only when you buy Royal Pass. So if you have purchased Royalpass then you should do this mission. And If this Mission is not elite mission then you can avoid this paragraph. And if you are thinking that you should not do this mission, Then you can skip this mission by mission card. But Friends you don’t Skip this Mission, Because In This Article i will give you very easy tips and trick. Using my tips & tricks you can complete give 24 likes to teammates in only 2 matches.

Simple & Easy Mode

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Give 24 LIKEs To Teammates

So Friends first of all you can complete this mission in ranked mode including erangel, miramar, sanhok, Livik, Aftermath, Nusa & Karakin and you can also complete this mission in Unranked mode. But you have to do this mission in duo or squad, only then you will be able to give likes. But guys the simple & easy trick is for you to do this mission in 8v8 Team Death match & 8v8 arena training, which are available in arena (Unranked Mode).

How To Complete Mission ‘Give 24 LIKEs To Teammates’

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Give 24 LIKEs To Teammates

Now I will tell you about how to complete Give 24 Likes To Teammates. 1st You are selecting 8v8 teamdeath match map in arena mode, which are available in 2nd line in upper side in unranked mode. After Selecting 8v8 teamdeath match, You can start the match by clicking start button, which are available in down side of left corner.

Once you start the match, it is not necessary that you have to kill Enemies, it is not necessary to play the game. You can stay in one place. The important thing is that you have to stay till the last in the whole game.

24 LIKEs Teammates

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Give 24 LIKEs To Teammates

Once your game is completed, on the left side you will see 7 teammates other than you and on the right side you will see 8 enemies. And Friends the intresting thing is, You can give like to your teammates in this and also give like to your enemies. You will get to see the option of chicken in front of each player’s name. you have to click on that chicken. After clicking on the chicken, you will see different options on the bottom side. Out of all the options available below, the 1st option is free. And that is a ” LIKE ” option. which you have to give to teammates. By clicking on each player’s chicken, you have give to likes each player. Using this technique, “You can give 15 likes in one game” then after you play 2nd game. And in 2nd game you just give 9 likes to players. And in this way you can give 24 likes to teammates in only 2 games.

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So friends, in today’s article, I have told about how to give 24 LIKEs To Teammates in PUBG/BGMI. But still if you want to see the video in detail about this topic ? then you can see this video which are given below and this is available in Hindi language. And friends if this article is helpful for you, then you can Follow Us. Thank You so much for visiting.

24 LIKEs To Teammates Watch Now

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