DINOSAUR TRAINER New Event Explain In PUBG Mobile | Get Permanent Legendary Outfit

Hello Friends, I’m 1-Minute MONIKA. Welcome to everyone On my Page. How are you all ? I hope you all are doing well. I hope You all Get 2.6 Version Update Of PUBG Mobile. Friend in 2.6 version update, there is a New Event coming that name is ” DINOSAUR TRAINER “. And today in this article, i will explain about dinosaur trainer event.


Dinosaur Trainer

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So friends first of all let us see where is the event. So 1st you click on ” event ” option which is available in right side of lobby page. When you click on the event, you will see the event on the 1st number. If you are from India, then you just need to connect VPN. Then after your event is properly shown. And if you are out of india, you don’t need to connect VPN. Without connecting vpn event is open properly. And in this event you can see the timing of the event above on the left side. The event is started From 18, May 2023 and end on 18, June 2023. When you enter in this events, So first of all you have to write a name then this event will open.

How Many Rewards You Will Get From This Events

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Dinosaur Trainer Event Explain

Now Guys we are talking about how many rewards you will get from this events. So friends you can get many rewards from this event. On down side, you seeing many rewards like, BP, AG, supply coupon scraps, classic coupon scraps, Dinosaur graffiti, Dinosaur Popularity, permanent avtar Frame, and main reward is legendary outfit. Yes Guys, You get permanent legendary outfit from dinosaur trainer event & the outfit name is ” Fiery Rhythm Set “. And the outfit Look is very nice. How do you like this outfit, tell us by commenting. And if this article is helpful for you, then Follow Us.

Now Let’s Talk About What You Have To Do In This Event

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Dinosaur Trainer Event Explain

Now let’s talk about what you have to do in this event. So guys on the left side you will be seeing some particular missions. And there are 2 types of mission. One is daily missions & other one is challenge mission. The daily missions is very easy. In Daily Missions, all you have to do is play the game in Dinoground mode. And the particular Enemies is to be killed and the damage has to be given. But The Challenge mission is little hard. In challenge mission, 1st mission is Defeat 3 Pterosaurs. 2nd mission is Ride a Pterosaurs 3 times. And 3rd is spend 200 UC. If you want to complete this mission you can go in Dinoground mode which is available in erangel ranked mode. Now you can go green colored location which is called primal zone. In this primal zone location, you see the some creatures is flying in the air. You just wanted to kill that flying creatures. And this flying creatures name is Pterosaur. When you kill 3 Pterosaurs, your 1st challenge mission is completed. And when you kill this Pterosaur, the Pterosaur wil become your vehicle. And when you travel with this Pterosaur, your 2nd mission is completed.

How To Get All Reward

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Dinosaur Trainer Event Explain

Now we are talking about how to get all rewards. So first of all friends, if you look down on the left side, you will see the total progress. In which you have to collect particular points. And when you collect different points then you will get all the rewards below, like on 50 points you get 300 BP, On 100 points you get 20 AG, Similarly, you will get many rewards at different points. You will get the avtar frame when you have 1450 points. And in last, You will get the permanent outfit. when you have 1500 points. Now friends talk about where you will get these points. So guys when you complete daily mission you will get points from that. And to get the permanent outfit you will have to do 2 missions. 1st mission is to do 2 challenge missions, which i told you before. And the 2nd mission is to collect 1500 Points. I hope you understand very well.

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So friends, in today’s article, I have told you about how to complete dinosaur trainer event & how to get all rewards. But still if you want to see the video in detail about this topic ? then you can see this video which are given below and this is available in Hindi language. And friends if this article is helpful for you, then you can Follow Us. Thank You so much for visiting.

Dinosaur Trainer Event Explain | Defeat 3 Pterosaurs | Ride a Pterosaurs 3 times | Get Free Outfit Video Watch Now


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