Complete 3 Matches In Classic Mode – Dinoground Mode

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How To Complete Dinoground Mode Mission

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Complete 3 Matches In Classic Mode - Dinoground Mode

So guys today we have come with another new RP mission of PUBG/BGMI. The mission name is “Complete 3 Matches In Classic Mode – Dinoground Mode”. This mission seems difficult to see, but if you do this mission with my tips and tricks, then this mission will be very easy for you. By completing this mission you can easily and fast increase your RP Rank. And once your RP Increase quickly. Then no one will be able to stop your name from coming on the aeroplane. And once your name is coming on the plane, all 100 members, which are in this aeroplane said your name loudly.

How Play Dinoground Mode And Complete Mission

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Complete 3 Matches In Classic Mode - Dinoground Mode

So guys In PUBG/BGMI, 2.6 version update is coming. And in this version a new mode is coming, which name is Dinoground Mode. This very amazing mode and you very like to play. In this mode you can see 3 different types of creature that name is, 1) T-Rex, 2) Pterosour and 3rd one is Velociraptor. When you are going to play this map, you can see, there are 2 different types Locations. 1st is primal zone & 2nd one is dino settlement location. At primal location you can see 2 types of creature, one is Pterosaur & 2nd one is Velociraptor. Guys if you kill these creatures. It both are becoming your companion & become your vehicle also. After that you can travel with both in whole map. And at dino settlement location you can see one gate in central of location. After you reaching at this gate, there are 3 baloon on the gate. You jus burst this baloon. And after baloon bursting, the T-Rex are spawn behind gate. And it looking so good. And yo can also travel with this T-Rex vehicle.

Complete Matches Dinoground Mode

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Now, we are talking about how to complete this mission. So guys in ranked mode, you can see different types of map. But 1st 2 maps is livik & erangel. And this Dinoground Mode is available in erangel and livik both. So you can complete this mission in both maps. But if you completed this mission as soon as possible, i will advise you that you can do this mission in Livik Dinoground Mode. Because in Livik you will already know that, the blue zone appears from starting of match. So you can started game in livik Dinoground Mode. Once you game is started, you can go outside of zone in starting of the match. If you do that, you can kill by zone in only 1 minute. And your game completed in only one minutes. Now you can do same things in 3 times. That your mission is completed in only 5 minutes. So guys i hole you understand very well. Using my tips and tricks, you can completed mission as soon as possible. And also save your time.

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So friends, in today’s article, I have told the “Complete 3 Matches In Classic Mode -Dinoground Mode” RP Mission In PUBG/BGMI. But still if you want to watch the video in detail about this RP ? then you can watch this video which are available in Hindi language. And friends if this article is helpful for you, then you can Follow Us. Thank You.

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Complete 3 Matches – Dinoground Mode Watch Video Now


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