Break 5 Windows In Classic Mode

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Complete Break Windows Mission

So friends today we are back with another new mission, Which are Coming in Ace 1 Royalpass. This mission name is “Break 5 Windows In Classic Mode”. This mission seems very difficult to read, but if you do this mission with my tips and tricks, Then this mission will be very easy for you. By completing this mission you can easily and quickly increase your RP Rank. Once your RP RANK shoots up, nothing can stop your name from getting on the aeroplanes. And as soon as your name appears on the aeroplane, all 100 members who are in the plane will say your name loudly. so that all your enemies will know you, due to which your name will be known in the whole match. due to this your name will be known in the whole match.

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Break Windows – Location & Map

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So guys, do you know that the update of windows has come in PUBG/BGMI a long time ago. But the windows related mission is coming 1st time in PUBG/BGMI. So guys 1st of all you can do this mission in ranked or unranked. You can do this mission in solo, duo or squad. You can do this mission on any map, Like in Ranked Mode You can See Erangel, Erangel (Dinoground Mode), Livik, Livik (Dinoground Mode), & Miramar. In unranked mode you can see Erangel, Livik, Livik Aftermath, & Miramar. All above map has a glass on windows.

Break 5 Windows In Classic Mode

how to complete break windows mission

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Now we are talking about, how to complete break 5 windows in classic mode mission. In erangel map, there are different types of houses & buildings. And every house & buildings has a glass on their windows. We have to break the glass of the same windows. Now we are talking about how to break windows. By the way, you can break windows very easily. You can break windows with anything. even if you fist on the window, the window will be break. Even if you fire any gun at the window, the window will break. Every room has a window, even if you jump from the window, the window will break.

Now you don’t go on Georgopol Container & Novorepnoye Container. Because novo & georgo container don’t have any windows so skip this 2 location. But You can go to the house in front of the Georgopol City apartments & novo city. There you will find many windows. And for completing this mission, you can also break this windows.

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Break 5 Windows In Classic Mode

Now We talk about where you find more windows. There are many more locations. Where you can get to see the window. Such as – zharki, severny, stalber, kameshki, yasnaya polyana, Rozhok, Lipovka, Pochinki, Mylta & Primorsk. in these locations you can get window easily.

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So guys in today’s article I told you about, How to Break 5 Windows In Classic Mode In PUBG/BGMI. But if still you want to understand deeply about this topic ? Then You can watch this video which is given below and it is available in Hindi language. And friends, if this article has been helpful to you, then you can follow us. Thank you so much for visiting

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